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On Going Projects

Welcome to an architectural delight Nivriti and Prakruti that offers the best from planning to construction. The prestigious projects from Nischal Homes, aim to provide the customers with an enthralling living space. While the landscaped greenery adds to the pleasantness on the exterior, the premium amenities provided inside add luxury to lifestyle. The amenities and features provided in-house and location of the site makes it best suited for a comfortable living.

The luxury of having everything you need


The elegant fa├žade makes the building an eye-turner and projects the glory of the lifestyle of its residents. Vaasthu compliance makes the living spaces an optimal combination of functionality and aesthetics, and makes living here a beautiful experience.


Nivriti and Prakruti are twin projects located at Kondapur, bringing the double benefit of a central location and a pristine living environment rarely found elsewhere. As the imposing skyline of CGI, Microsoft, Infosys, Q-City, DLF, Wipro and ICICI define the horizon, this is an address one would want to belong to.